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House Documents

Browse by Parliament and session to view sitting dates. Select a date to view HTML and PDF versions of that date's Hansard transcript, Votes and Proceedings, and Orders and Notices.

The Hansard transcript is the official record of House debates. A typical House Hansard issue contains a transcript of what is said, divisions (votes), a table of contents, a list of all current Members and their ridings, and a list of the standing and select committees and their Members.

Orders and Notices is the official agenda of the House. It includes what is scheduled for consideration in the House that day, as well what could be called for business before the House at any time. It also shows the status of all business that has been introduced to date.

Votes and Proceedings is the official record of the proceedings of the House. Entries in Votes and Proceedings record how the House dealt with any items of business on a given sitting day. Any proceeding and decision made by the House is recorded, including the names of Members and how they voted during divisions in the House on any question.

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